Beautiful Days Before Crazy Conception and then the Waiting Game

We got awesome news this month.  We have eggs!  Okay, maybe it does not seem so awesome, to y’all, but I full expected to walk into the clinic and be told “Sorry Ma’am, your remaining ovary is empty.”  But it’s not!  I had 4 beautiful, albeit immature, but still present eggs.  Then the peeing on the ovulation test stick began.  What a nightmare!  Peeing on a stick must have been designed by a man.  Have you read the directions to those things lately?  I am to only use the clearblue digital advance ovulation sticks.  10 Sticks for $55.  What the hell?  That is like peeing liquid Gold.  My husband says it’s worth it if we get a baby, and while I agree…I think the fertility industry is highway robbery.  (Don’t even get me started on the adoption industry) Anyways, Out of my first box of 10, three tests failed to work properly.  I also did not have peak ovulation, so I bought a second box and went through those with 2 not working properly. Still no peak. Oh we have had plenty of days of high ovulation but no peak days.  I am actually tired of having sex.   Now it’s the waiting game… if I get my period, we try again.  If not, hopefully it means I am pregnant and all my whining will just be a joyous memory I will laugh about after 9 months.

On a side note,  out of approximate 120 facebook friends.  30 are expecting babies in the next 9 months.  Seriously, that is like 1/4th of my friends.  That doesn’t include the ones who just recently had babies.  It’s like baby overload. 

I just keep telling myself it is better than funerals.  (or weddings…I really despise weddings)